Hand-made furniture made of fruit crates.

Do it yourself

For many years it has been fashionable for hand-made furniture made of fruit crates. You do not have to be a professional carpenter to conjure a real wonder from such wooden containers. Just a few tools include hammer, nails, sandpaper, varnish, willingness to work and a bit of creativity. All materials are available in DIY stores. Boxes should be combined in a chosen form and attached with flat bars and drills. The perfect solution is to attach the wheels, furniture will move easily and will not damage the floor. They can paint them with stain, varnish or wood paint, for example in white, navy blue or red. The furniture is functional, cheap, full of charm and unique. They fit into any interior. They usually replace drawers, they serve as shelf for hats and shop shelves. Housekeepers keep spare linen, blankets or toilet paper in them. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our proposals:

Stand under a laptop
Lots of hours spent using the laptop in an uncomfortable, wrong position causes distraction, fatigue, neck stiffness and back pain. Ergonomic, computer stand made of a box will significantly improve the comfort of work and increase its efficiency. It will ensure proper cooling of the equipment and also protect us against the heat generated by the processor.


Pet bed
Wooden boxes can be a comfortable, elegant and safe place to sleep for our four-legged pets, especially cats. Some of the Fringers repeatedly fall asleep during the day, and the record holders sleep up to 16 hours a day. The container needs to be padded with soft blankets, pillows of various shapes, sizes and colors. Such a bed can be placed anywhere, and it can be cleaned quickly and easily.

A set of shelves
Shelves have many advantages. They are functional, decorative and help maintain order. Attach several boxes to the wall vertically or horizontally anywhere. Suspended can create different shapes, for example a square or a rectangle. Place in them vases, porcelain figurines, photo frames, jewelry boxes, or CDs.
Shoe cabinet
Space for footwear is always missing. In small apartments shoes usually lie scattered throughout the hall. A small cabinet made of four boxes will solve this problem. It will accommodate 12 pairs and will additionally take care of their impeccable cut. The shoes will be fixed in a designated corner.

Bedside cabinet
The box placed vertically next to the bed will serve as a bedside table. To keep it stable, it should be tightened to the wall. On the upper part you can put an alarm clock, a lamp, medicines, put glasses or a cell phone. At the bottom of the shelf, he goes to put a book of newspapers or crosswords.

A storage box for toys
Children have a lot of toys. But dolls scattered on the floor or blocks bring a mess to your home and pose a threat to your health, especially at night. The next incarnation of the box can therefore be a locker, among others for mascots, puzzles and board games. It protects against clutter, encourages the child to respect them, and teaches order. The box will match the girl’s and boy’s room.

Coffee tables
The living room is the heart of every apartment, the place where the family spend the most free time. The coffee table plays a very important role in it. It is created after combining two bottoms of boxes. It is simple, stable and easy to clean. It perfectly fulfills its basic function, and the free space on the sides will be an ideal storage room for remotes or albums. To add elegance to the table, tempered glass or a wooden plate can be used as a table top.

By selecting smaller and larger boxes, you can create any shelves suited to the size of each interior, its style and the needs of tenants, especially children. Because they are very easy to assemble and disassemble the furniture goes quickly, freely modify and expand. Racks are perfect for apartments, offices, archives, workshops, warehouses and garages. They are used to store documents, files, books, plastic containers, metal boxes in a safe manner. They are strong, durable, they can also easily carry tools, car parts, paint cans. They allow easy access to all goods, help to maintain order, order and cleanliness in the rooms. They are a great way to develop unused space, eg places under stairs or garage angles.

Flower pots
You can create a unique garden on terraces or balconies. The flower boxes will be used for flower pots. Just put the center of each container in foil and fill it with earth. In such a pot you can easily plant herbs, vegetables, conifers, cactuses, rose bushes, cypresses, boxwood and of course your favorite flowers, among others pansy or dwarf dahlias. The boxes will also be wonderfully presented in the lobby, on the stairs and at the entrance to the house.

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