What are the boxes made of?

– all the boxes are made of pine wood

Can you make a box according to your individual project?

– there is such a possibility for wholesale orders. Then, we arrange for all details individually together with delivery dates.

What if I receive damaged boxes during transport?

– please contact our customer service immediately. The matter will be always resolved in favour of our clients.

What is the guarantee I receive the boxes as shown in the offer

– our shop on Ebay and thousands of clients are a solid example of trust.

What is the return policy of received boxes?

– there is a 14- day return policy for every received box in an undamaged condition

How long after the completed order will the boxes be dispatched?

– The boxes are always dispatched up to 24 hours after completed order, not including Saturdays and Sundays

What are the sizes of various types of the boxes?

– In every box type description the detailed measurements are given.

Are there any discounts for large orders?

– Certainly, all depends on the quantity of a particular type of the boxes.



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